Face Lift Treatment actually a platelet rich fibrin matrix which contains blood plasma enriched with platelets along with minimal RBC and other blood cells.

Growth Factor therapy or vampire facelift includes extracting growth factors & essential proteins required from the patient’s own blood and injecting them to the area of the skin to be Treated. When it is injected in the skin, it stimulates the cells around the injection site, causing them to plump up, therefore increasing their volume. It sends the signals to the other cells to reach to the injection site. Among all the cells, one cell is a fibroblast cell which is responsible for creating collagen. With ageing there is reduction in the production of collagen, causing the skin to wrinkle and produce fine lines. As this therapy stimulates the collagen production, it counteracts the process of ageing. Another cell which is important is pre-adipocyte cell which is a cell that converts in fat cells. Fat cells are essential to fill out the fine lines and to contour the face. Vampire facelifts can be used on face specifically around the eyes, nose and mouth for the more radiant appearance.

The concentration of the platelets should ideally be 2-3 times the patient’s own blood sample to get maximum effect as NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT. The dermatologist withdraws blood from the venous line of patient circulatory system through a cannula and then the same blood is treated with various compatible solutions and then centrifuged at a designated rpm in a centrifugation machine. This solution has to be handled very softly so that the cells don’t break. The Platelet rich plasma which contains platelets and other blood natural growth factors is then either carefully massaged or injected in the patients face for NON SURGICAL FACELIFT. The solution if injected is then taken in a very fine gauge needle syringe and injected at the pre designated areas of the face to have a wrinkle free/ youthful appearance. This is a very good option as a NON SURGICAL FACELIFT as no blade, cut, bleeding or post operative care is needed by the patient. The patient can resume his/her work after 1 hour of procedure. The injections can be completed 10-20 minutes. The platelet rich plasma itself is used as a natural “DERMAL FILLERS FOR FACE LIFT“. It can also be combined with other fillers like juvederm if the need is there. It is a very safe and result oriented technique as there is no fear of allergic reaction since patients own platelets are injected back and thus is well tolerated NON SURGICAL FACELIFT technique. This is procedure is well accepted even by Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.Its done with all aseptic precautions in our Center by the dermatologist from the year 2011 onwards. Some clinicians prefer to massage the extracted platelet rich plasma instead of injection with the help of Dermaroller, Dermapen, or Laser. We at our Center have the facilities of all the listed options.

The withdrawn blood and the concentrated platelets ideally should be injected immediately after the concentrated solution is made to have maximum NON SURGICAL FACELIFT results. The results can be appreciated after 2-3 days of injection. If the solution is massaged instead of injection then the patient is advised not to wash the face for at least 12-14 hours to have maximum effect.