Hair transplantation is a minor surgical  procedure. However, it has evolved over the years and now there are a number of options available for hair transplant treatment at very low cost. We have skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons and doctors who can perform all the modern procedures and committed to provide excellent treatment and complete patient satisfaction. The latest technologies minimize scarring and downtime for patients. These procedures also cause much less pain than previously. We understand your needs and provide you best possible low price treatment to suit your lifestyle and personalit

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Treatment

We perform Follicular Unit Extraction since it offers a number of benefits. In this procedure, we take out individual hair follicles along with their hair strands from the donor area and harvest each of them onto the bald or thinning patches of hair. This offers minimal scarring and great customer satisfaction.

Advantage of FUE Treatment

The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure offers faster recovery, natural hairline, no or little scarring and minimal hair-plug appearance. In fact, FUE is a very popular procedure for hair restoration by transplantation and is considered to be one of the most effective treatment for balding or hair loss. However, FUE is a complex procedure requiring skill and knowledge. In fact, if not done by experienced and expert dermatological surgeons, it may result in scarring. It just needs to be done properly so that there is just minimal scarring. At Apex we boast of the best of doctors for performing such a complex surgery. They can perform flawless hair transplant and transform a person’s look.

It is important that you avail the services of an experienced hair surgeon?

Hair transplant a minimal evasive procedure is safe and devoid of complications. A poor constructed surgery would lead to grafts wastage and restored hair is not going to emerge. Hair transplant procedures is not so easy as you might think. The versatility of a hair is the manner in a right fit emblem. Before fixing up a hair transplant clinic check out the testimonies of clients.

Benefits of Hair Transplant Treatment

Advantage of PRP Hair Treatment

  • Enhances Self-image – Bald people have a complaint that they end up looking older than their age. With a hair transplant at Apex, bald area is eradicated and improves your self confidence
  • Eliminates Baldness – Hair transplant is a tailor made solution to prevent hair loss and baldness.
  • Cost Saving – Hair transplant requires less maintenance in comparison to other hair restoration procedures.