Skin Tightening/ Facelift

Non- surgical face treatment for loose skin. Radiofrequency Diathermy technology 

  • Eye Bags/ Puffy eyes
  • Sagging skin of face
  • Double chin/ jowl reduction
  • Neck folds
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Lines around eyes-crow’s feet.
  • Eye brow lifting/ shaping


  • Non-invasive, without use of anaesthesia.
  • Pain-free, slight warmth sensation during treatment.
  • No downtime and no side-effects.
  • Considerable improvement in few sessions.

Eye Bags/ Puffy Eyes

  • It is the swelling around the eyes due to fluid retention.
  • Some amount of puffiness may be normal in an individual, aggravated by fatigue and ageing.


  • Over sleeping/Sleep deprivation
  • Fluid retention- pregnancy, menstruation
  • Diet- excess salt intake
  • Alcohol, tobacco
  • Allergies, skin diseases
  • Thyroid disorders

Home remedies for under eye bags

  • Elevating the head while sleeping.
  • Cold compresses can diminish puffy eyes.
  • Apply teabags, sliced cucumber/potato- natural astringents.

Treatment of under eye bags

  • Non-surgical   RF diathermy
  • Surgery