Patients are aware of the natural fact that looks which are luscious are considered to be associated with attractiveness and also an indication of good health and youth. Society gives lot of importance to head full of hair and actually it plays a very important role in one’s self esteem and identity. Regardless of age or gender, hair thinning or hair loss can really have a effect on one’s esteem, self confidence and overall personality.

As one of the pioneer in Mesotherapy for Hair Growth, India, we take this challenge very seriously and tries to help the patient get back his self esteem and confidence. Patients often are depressed by hair thinning or hair loss and visit to Dermatologist includes that consideration also.

Our experienced dermatologist uses their medical knowledge and also advance treatment procedures to restore your problem of thinning hair or hair fall issues. HAIR THINNING IN FEMALES & HAIR THINNING IN MALES, is nowadays commonly observed and may follow a diffused HAIR LOSS or HAIR LOSS ON SIDES OF SCALP. REASONS FOR & HAIR THINNING IN MALES & REASONS FOR HAIR THINNING IN FEMALES may be attributed to many factors in which genetic plays a very important role. The other important REASONS FOR HAIR FALL are medical condition such as thyroid, anaemia etc or any other auto immune disorders or metabolic disorders. STRESS AND HAIR LOSS is nowadays in itself has become entity and plays a major loss for HAIR THINNING and BALDNESS.

PCOD IN FEMALES may attribute to HAIR LOSS IN FEMALES. Patients are always worried about the reasons for hair loss and rely on advertisements for HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT IN DELHI without considering that whether that center has HAIR REGROWTH DOCTORS IN DELHI at their center. Other important factor to be considered is DIET FOR PREVENTION OF HAIR FALL OR HAIR LOSS. Diet which lacks micronutrients needed for HAIR REGROWTH may be lacking those essentials vitamins and amino acids which are needed to prevent HAIR FALL. MEDICATIONS OR LOTIONS FOR HAIR LOSS may be used by some individuals for HAIR LOSS PREVENTION depending on Advertisement’s without any scientific basis or prescription by DOCTORS FOR HAIR TREATMENT IN DELHI.


The technique of MESOTHERAPY FOR TREATMENT OF HAIR LOSS is simple and takes approximately 10-20 minutes and is a lunch time procedure ie patients can resume their working or office work immediately after the treatment with minimal post operative care. A numbing cream can be applied for sensitive patients if needed. The depth of percolation is decided by the DOCTOR FOR MESOTHERAPY in accordance with the grade of Baldness or amount of scalp thickness. Patients may just feel some minimal pricking sensation which is well tolerated and causes minimal or virtually no pain. The amount of solution injected is dependent on the amount and area of hair loss. Mesotherapy solutions contains essential growth factors and growth stimulants and some counter irritants to initiate HAIR REGROWTH IN SCALP. Ideally 2 sittings are needed in a month for 6-8 months to see appreciable results. Some patients may need more sessions depending on the hair loss and maintenance session of once in every month protocol may be advised. Solutions are injected or percolated through automatic gun system or can be done with Dermaroller. Injections through gun is more comfortable for the patient and this technique is followed at our center. Patients can continue to apply HAIR LOSS LOTIONS along with Mesotherapy and TABLETS FOR HAIR LOSS prescribed by Dermatologist can be also taken. The depth and amount in each gun shot can be controlled by the doctor so as to make the patient comfortable and even is tolerated by sensitive individuals. A Betadine hair scrubbing is done before a Mesotherapy session is done. Normally there is no requirement of pain killer or antibiotics but in some patients who have uncontrolled diabetes antibiotics may be given. Mesotherapy increases the blood flow because of micro injuries which releases growth factors naturally and new collagen regeneration and hair follicle stimulation happens along with elastin formation. The Mesotherapy sessions also causes increased blood flow and chemotaxis of natural growth factors which again help in regain of hair and prevents hair loss.

Patient can also be advised to LASER CAP FOR HAIR LOSS to potentially increase the effect of Mesotherapy.


Mesotherapy can also be done for face and MESOTHERAPY FOR FACE is different as different solutions are used. FACE MESOTHERAPY FOR SKIN WHITENING can be planned in consultation with the dermatologist if one is suffering from fine line , PIGMENTATION ON FACE or for face rejuvenation. Here again an automatic system of Mesotherapy is used with anti ageing solutions along with pigment reduction & lotions which are percolated with the help of MESOGUN at designated levels by the dermatologist. SKIN WHITENING CREAMS can be used along with Mesotherapy. There may be mild redness in case the Mesotherapy is done for face and sunscreen may be applied after that for best results.A antibiotic cream may be applied if needed.

Mesotherapy was first described by a French Physician Michael Pistor in 1952. In 1987, French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as part of traditional medicine.

In 1952, Dr. Michael pistor, a french doctor accidentally discovered mesotherapy. The meaning of the word Mesotherapy is treatment that stimulates mesoderm. Dr. Pistor defined it as” The pratice of injecting little amount of medication, into the mesoderm at the right spot.” Like in sports medicine where the amount of NSAID drugs injected is 60 times less than the traditionally orally ingested medicine over a period of 8 days, that makes the drug more efficient with least side effects. In mesotherapy there may be the combination of two or three active medications, and can also be administered in a single injection.

In 1987, the french academy of medicine recognized mesotherapy as an integral part of traditional medicine & since then it has become part of general medicine curriculum in france, where approximately 15,000 doctors pratice mesotherapy. It is now recognized the word over as an effective treatment for many health problems especially related with sports traumatology & aesthetic medicine. Mesotherapy cocktail solutions can be used to treat the hair falling problem and also for treatment of baldness and can be used with oral drugs and local solution application to potentiate the effect of these drugs. Mesotherapy for Hair Growth injections are given through a special gun or instrument through a syringe at the designated area. There is very minimal pricking sensation and the patient is comfortable and can perform his daily routine as its a 10 minute procedure. No special precautions as such are needed after the procedure. The area where Mesotherapy is done should not be washed for at least 12 hrs. The patients are really comfortable with this procedure and the results can be seen in 3-6 months.Mesotherapy for Hair Growth