What is a Contour ThreadLift?
A Contour ThreadLift is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure able to provide a fresh, rejuvenated, natural look similar to a facelift. The Contour ThreadLift uses Contour Threads, an innovative non-absorbable barbed suture product that is proven safe and effective.

What exactly are Contour Threads?
Contour Threads are non-absorbable barbed sutures comprised of a polypropylene material. Whereas conventional sutures are smooth, Contour Threads are comprised of small teeth-like barbs. These barbs grab onto the sagging tissues beneath the skin, lifting and supporting them.

What can be treated with a Contour ThreadLift?
Contour Threads may be used to lift or balance out sagging or asymmetric eyebrows, to lift sagging cheeks, to lift mid and lower face and neck soft tissue, and to smooth aging skin.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?
Good candidates for the Contour ThreadLift are men and women ranging in age from the thirties to the sixties who have moderate drooping in the brow, face and neck. Patients should be physically healthy and realistic in their expectations. This procedure is ideal for those looking to enhance their appearance without having to undergo a full face or brow lift.

How is the actual Contour ThreadLift performed?
For a Contour ThreadLift, small surgical sutures are used to lift and support drooping areas of the face, brow, cheeks and neck. Contour Threads are a barbed suture product with tiny, teeth-like cogs. They are inserted beneath the skin using a long needle. Once inserted, the threads grab onto the soft tissues, providing a support structure that lifts and repositions the tissues. The needle is then removed and the end of the thread is knotted and allowed to retract deep beneath the skin.

How long does the actual procedure last?
A Contour ThreadLift typically takes between thirty to sixty minutes to complete.

Is anesthesia used for a Contour ThreadLift?
Local anesthesia is typically used for the procedure. It can also be combined with light sedation if needed.

Is the Contour ThreadLift painful?
The Contour ThreadLift involves very minimal pain or discomfort. The procedure itself is typically performed using local anesthesia. Ice compresses are also recommended during the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

What is the recovery like after a Contour ThreadLift?
In general, patients will need to avoid activities that risk dislodging or otherwise causing trauma to the threads for the first three weeks after the procedure.

Will I need to take time off of work after a Contour ThreadLift?
Patients typically find that they can return to work within two to three days after the procedure.

Can the threads be seen after the procedure?
Contour Threads are inserted beneath the skin. Because they are also clear, they cannot be seen even when inserted beneath thin or fair skin.

How safe is the procedure?
Contour ThreadLifts are very safe, minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedures. The threads themselves are comprised of a polypropylene material. This material has been used in other medical products used in the body for years and has been proven safe and effective. Complications rarely occur and are typically easily corrected.

Are there any risks associated with a Contour ThreadLift?
Complications rarely occur following a Contour ThreadLift and most are easily corrected.

How much actual lifting can the Contour ThreadLift achieve?
In general, patients can often achieve a 30 -40% improvement after a Contour ThreadLift.

When are the results of a Contour ThreadLift apparent?
The results of the procedure are immediately apparent.

Are the results of a Contour ThreadLift permanent?
The threads themselves are non-absorbable and will not dissolve. The lift effect resulting from a Contour ThreadLift generally lasts for three to five years. The length of results will vary from patient to patient. Additional threads may be required and can be added as needed.

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